10 Best Tech Gadgets Under 250 to Buy in Pakistan

This article includes the 10 best tech gadgets under the price category of 250. All the products mentioned in this article are easily available online to buy. Some of these gadgets are just for fun while the others might provide useful experience in our day-to-day life. Each product is tested and checked thoroughly before giving our analysis. So, you can buy these without any hesitation.

NOTE: if you want to buy two or more products, it is better to place all the items in one order. Because one item or multiple items has the same delivery charges.
10 Best Tech Gadgets Under 250 to Buy Online in Pakistan

10 Best Tech Items in Pakistan

  1. Foldable infinite cube
  2. Flashlight
  3. Audio splitter cable
  4. Ambient sensor led with auto on and off
  5. Mobile accessory holders
  6. Ultra-wide-angle mirror for bikes and cars
  7. Silicon mobile holder for cars
  8. Belgium mouse glue trap
  9. Flywheel flash spinning top
  10. Double thickness mouse pad for gaming or general use

1. Foldable infinite cube

The first gadget on our list is Foldable Infinite Cube. It looks like a toy and a desk accessory as well. This gadget is really cool and probably the best alternative to a fidget spinner. It is basically made up of cubes and the cubes can be rotated literally in any direction. The folding mechanism is so cool that it never ends. It can be used as an alternative to a fidget spinner. As it looks pretty cool in design and built quality, so, it can also be used as a desk accessory. The best thing is that it comes under 250 PKR.
1. Foldable Sensory Infinity Cube Stress Fidget Toy Game

2. Flashlight

The second product on our list is the flashlight. Keeping in mind the situation of load shedding in Pakistan, the flashlight can be your good friend. The LED light that I am talking about is unique as it is powered by a cell. The most common problem with normal torch lights is that their batteries stop working after some time. Additionally, they need to be charged regularly. To get rid of this problem you can consider this LED torch light. It is powered by a cell battery which is easily available at any general store. It comes under the price tag of 200 PKR.
2. LED Flashlight Aluminum Alloy

3. Audio splitter cable

The next tech gadget on the list is the audio splitter cable. If you are an android user and have a 3.5mm audio jack on your phone, you will love this audio splitter. It can be used to deliver sound into two hand-frees at the same time. For example, you might be watching a movie with your friend or brother and both of you need a pair of hand-frees. Then this is the tool that comes to save the life. More importantly, this audio splitter has a flexible cable which makes it special under 100 PKR. You must not miss it.
3. Earphone_ Headphone 3.5mm Audio Splitter_ Divider

4. Ambient sensor led with auto on and off

The fourth gadget under 250 PKR is Ambient Sensor LED with auto on and off feature. It has a built-in light sensitive sensor which turns the light on at night and turns it off in the morning or light. The brightness of night lights varies with the brightness of ambient light. It is directly powered by dc current so you will not have to face any battery issues. Which means it is going to last long. Its size is so small that it can act as a decorative piece for bedrooms, corridors etc.
4. Ambient Sensor LED Night Light With Smart Auto ON _ Off Led

5. Mobile accessory holders

Mobile accessory holders are sixth on our list. Its price tag is below 150 PKR. At first it seems useless but once you have used it you will love this gadget too. This is called a wall mounted phone charging box. It can be stuck to the wall or a table with double sided tape. It is made of plastic and available in multiple colors. It has a small hole beneath it to insert a charging cable. Besides, it can also be used to organize your pencils, pen, comb, ballpoints or stuff like that. Overall, it is a good tech accessory you need to have right now.
5. Mobile holder for walls

6. Ultra-wide-angle mirror for bikes and cars

Next product is ultra-wide-angle mirror for bikes and cars. This is a pair of two wide-angle mirrors that provide a broaden view of the road behind you as compared to conventional mirrors. It is detachable so can be easily mounted on either side. You can use this pair of mirrors for both bikes and cars. They can be useful at the time of parking in a narrow area or while getting out of the house. They just cost under 200.
6. Universal Wide Angle Car Blind Spot Convex Side Mirror Circle

7. Silicon mobile holder for cars

Seventh on the list is the silicon mobile holder for cars. This is made up of silicon plastic or rubber. It can easily carry any device like a mobile phone or mini tablet. Its holding grip is strong enough to stay in a fixed position. This is useful when you are driving vehicles with the help of a map. You can fix your device in this holder and set up your destination and keep going smoothly. Its price tag is Rs. 250.
7. Silicone Car Phone Holder

8. Belgium mouse glue trap

Belgium mouse glue trap is next on our list. It is a book-like board filled with glue. The glue is very sticky. Once the mouse sticks to this glue, it can never escape from it. Once the mouse is trapped, you can pick it up, fold it and put it in the dustbin. It is harmless to children as well as pets. This feature makes it unique in its quality and usability. It comes under the price tag of 150. So, must try it. 
8. Belgium Mouse Glue Traps

9. Flywheel Flash Spinning Top

On number nine is the Flywheel Flash Spinning Top. Now, this is one of the coolest tech-gadgets that we love to play with. This flywheel reminds us of our old memories when we used to make flywheel with the lid of Pepsi bottles. So, isn't this something that you loved in your childhood and missing it now? Made of plastic, it also has a brightening light in it. It is much faster than the traditional flywheels. Available in multiple colors, it also whistles while rotating. You must try it out for just 160 rupees.
9. Flywheel Flash Spinning Top Light-emitting Gyro Shining

10. Double thickness mouse pad for gaming or general use

Lastly, under 200 we have double thickness mouse pad for gaming or general use. Normally, the mouse pads that are available in the market are either too costly or they have low built quality. This mouse pad is not only cheap but also provides good built quality with double thickness and cool design. It is sticky with locking edges and rubber. It holds its place even on a slippery surface. It may be used for gaming PC or general purpose. So, this was our last technology gadget on this list.
10. Mouse Pad For Gaming And Office Non Slip Rubber With Locking Edge Large

Wrapping up

We have listed 10 best gadgets under 250 to buy in Pakistan. However, we all love thse common gadgets, and it never ends here. We will update this list regularly. We hope you will love this article. We may have skipped your favorite gadget. In that case, please comment below and let us know the best tech gadget you ever had in Pakistan.
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