NayaPay vs SadaPay: A Detailed Comparison

NayaPay vs SadaPay: A Detailed Comparison 

Let us compare NayaPay and SadaPay. Which one is best in terms of their services, and which one is best for you? We will compare both, from the process of signing up to account verification and transactions to the customer support services. We will dig deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of each.  

Nayapay vs Sadapay

As for now, there is a significant gap between the customer's expectations and the financial services that are currently being offered in Pakistan. Being 5th lar largest country in the world by population Pakistan has no proper payment gateway for its people to do international transactions. Keeping in mind this requirement, NayaPay and SadaPay started to offer their services in Pakistan to fulfil the customer requirements. Both have obtained Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. 

We will compare these in terms of services. Let us begin with NayaPay: 

What is NayaPay? 

NayaPay is a payment service provider with its headquarters based in Karachi, Sindh. NayaPay offers its users multiple services including day-to-day transactions through mobile banking, credit card and via bank. The sign-up process is quite easy and hassle-free. Anyone above the age of 18 can open and verify his/her account at home. Along with day-to-day transactions it also offers to make international payments via their virtual debit card which you can find in the app. Compared to SadaPay, NayaPay offers a wide variety of e-payment services including quick pay, paying utility bills, mobile top-up, internet and education fees and many others. 

How to sign-up for NayaPay account? 

Follow these steps to register your account with NayaPay:

  • To create your NayaPay account you will have to install the NayaPay app from the play store. Then follow the simple sign-up process via app. 
  • After the sign-up process is completed, the NayaPay team will verify your identity within two business days. It usually takes 1-2 hours, however, in some cases it may take up to two days for the identity to be verified. 
  • Once your identity is confirmed, you can create your wallet. You will be given a virtual debit card within the app that you can use instantly. 
  • To order your physical debit card open the NayaPay app and go to cards. Click on the plus sign fill your postal address and it will be delivered within 7 days. 

What are the advantages of NayaPay card? 

NayaPay offers the following services: 

  • Quick pay: paying with QR code 
  • Pay contacts: you can send money to anyone in your contact with NayaPay account 
  • Discover merchants: get extra discounts and benefits on various products 
  • Bill due: pay bills online through your mobile phone 
  • Bill split: divide your meal bill among your friends 
  • Gift envelope: send money to your loved ones as a gift 
  • Mobile top-up: purchase balance for any sim e.g., Jazz, Telenor, Warid, Zong 
  • StormFiber: get extra discount on StormFiber products and services 
  • Utilities: pay utility bills via app 
  • Internet and cable: pay internet and cable due through NayaPay app 
  • Education: pay educational fees 

How to deposit money in NayaPay account? 

There are multiple ways to deposit money in your account. One can add money to their NayaPay account through bank transfers, JazzCash, EasyPaisa etc. You can also deposit money through partner banks of NayaPay namely Meezan and Askari Bank. So, visit the nearest Meezan or Askari bank branch to deposit money to your account.  

How to withdraw money from NayaPay Account?

You can withdraw money through any ATM machine specifically from Meezan and Askari banks. You can transfer you balance to other banks.

What is the schedule of charges of NayaPay? 

NayaPay offers free account opening and there is no minimum balance requirement. Mobile banking is free of charge (excluding tax). A VISA is also issued for free along with a virtual VISA. However, the reissuance fee is RS. 795. Read for further details

What is SadaPay? 

SadaPay is also a financial service provider with its headquarters based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Unlike NayaPay, SadaPay offers only a money sending and receiving facility. The app is simple as the name suggests. It has only two options, one for adding money to SadaPay account and the other for sending mobile banking. It does not include any e-payment features for paying bills, fees and doing top-ups etc. However, SadaPay provides one physical card and one virtual debit card to its customers. Virtual card of SadaPay work on almost all international shopping site like AliExpress, Banggood, TomTop, GearBest, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Namecheap, Godaddy, Oracle cloud, Google Play Store, Midasbuy and so on. I have personally tried SadaPay virtual card on all these sites and it works like magic. 

How to create SadaPay account? 

Follow the steps below to open your SadaPay account at home: 

  • Go to the Play Store and download the SadaPay app
  • After that enter your name, number and email address to join the waiting list.  
  • Once the wait is over, you will receive an email with a link of SadaPay app. 
  • Install the SadaPay beta app and sign up according to the on-screen instructions. 
  • Once the sign up is completed, SadaPay team will verify your identity within two business days. 
  • After identity verification, you will be able to create your digital wallet on SadaPay app. 
  • Virtual debit card will be created instantly while you can order physical card by going to hamburger menu and then click on "Order Your Card". Enter your details and you will receive your card within 7 working days. 

How to deposit money in SadaPay account? 

Money can be deposited to SadaPay account from any EasyPaisa, JazzCash and Upaisa accounts. Additionally, you can also deposit through any mobile banking app like MCB Live, HBL Konnect or UBL digital app. The mobile number attached to your SadaPay account becomes your SadaPay account number. SadaPay also provides IBAN that you can use to recharge your account from anywhere. 

How to withdraw money from SadaPay Account?

Funds can be withdrawn at any ATM across the country. Besides that one can also share funds via inter-bank transfer sing IBAN.

What is the schedule of charges of SadaPay? 

SadaPay does not require any account opening fee or minimum balance requirement. There are no annual or monthly charges. Mobile banking and SMS alerts are also free. Additionally, SadaPay offers the first three ATM withdrawals of every month for free. The MasterCard card is free, but the replacement fee is RS. 500. Read for more information 

NayaPay vs SadaPay 

NayaPay and SadaPay both provide fast, convenient and secure services. However, in terms of features NayaPay holds the first place in my opinion. NayaPay provides VISA cards while SadaPay offers MasterCard cards to their customers. SadaPay on the other hand provides 3 ATM withdrawals for free every month. And NayaPay comes up with a lot of features that solve your day-to-day problems. Finally, we can say SadaPay is much simpler as the name suggests while NayaPay is committed to fulfilling the customer's day-to-day needs. 


Finally, we have dig deeper into all the services and features of NayaPay and SadaPay. Which is the best? It all depends on your needs. Both are facilitating their users in their own ways. You can have both the accounts and get most out of these.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we receive Google AdSense payment in NayaPay or SadaPay account? 

No, currently both NayaPay and SadaPay are not supporting Google AdSense payments. 

Can we use SadaPay and NayaPay for international shopping? 

Yes, you can use your NayaPay and SadaPay virtual cards for online shopping. It is valid for merchants who accept MasterCard and VISA cards. 

How to find NayaPay IBAN number? 

Open NayaPay app. Click on "Add Money" option. Here you will find your IBAN and NayaPay account number as well. 

Who owns NayaPay? 

NayaPay is owned by Danish A. Lakhani who is CEO of Cyber Internet Services Pvt. Ltd as well. Danish completed his MBA from Harvard University and MS from Stanford University. He has also earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Economics from Brown University. Read more about Danish Lakhani

What is the NayaPay SWIFT BIC code? 

NayaPay SWIFT BIC value is NAYAPKK2. Swift code remains the same for every account. Please note: This code can ONLY be used with Wise, Remitly or Ace at the current time. We are actively integrating with more money transfer operators which will be added soon. Please do not use the code on other service providers. 

How to activate NayaPay or SadaPay card? 

You can activate or deactivate your NayaPay and SadaPay credit cards at any time directly from the app. Open the app and login. Then go to cards in NayaPay and you will see an option to activate your card. Similarly, do the same for SadaPay to activate your MasterCard. 

How to track NayaPay debit card? 

After you order your physical debit card from NayaPay app, you will receive an email with your card tracking number. Copy that number and contact the NayaPay representative on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or chat with them through the app to get further information. 

Are NayaPay and SadaPay trusted apps? 

Yes, both NayaPay and SadaPay are trusted apps. Both have obtained license from the State Bank of Pakistan under EMI regulations. Now both have been declared as Electronic Money Institution by SBP. 

Which bank is NayaPay? 

NayaPay is based on a digital banking system. It means they do not have any physical branches however; they have collaborated with Meezan bank and Askari Banks in Pakistan to deal with the physical matters e.g., for deposits and withdrawals.  

How to increase account limits of NayaPay and SadaPay? 

Currently, on both accounts NayaPay and SadaPay, there is a monthly load limit of RS. 50000. However, this limit can be increased by verifying your account biometrically. Follow the instructions below to verify your account: 

NayaPay: Visit any Meezan bank with your mobile number and NIC. Read the complete procedure here

SadaPay: Visit the nearest e-Sahulat center along with your CNIC and mobile phone number registered with the SadaPay account. Read full instructions here

How to get SadaPay black debit card? 

To get founder's club black debit card of SadaPay, you will need to become a member of SadaPay founder's club. Sounds complex? But it is not. Here is how to become a founder's club member of SadaPay. Simply, invite 10 members from your friends and family and ask them to sign up for SadaPay. Once ten members have signed up through your reference you will be eligible to join the founder's club. And you will receive a black debit card instead of a normal one. 

What is SadaPay golden ticket and how to get it? 

As for now, SadaPay is not fully launched. So, to open a Sada account you need to join the waitlist. Which may take from days to even months to open your account. However, you can skip this whole list by using the golden ticket. SadaPay is sending a golden ticket via email to its founder's club members which is basically a code. The founder's club members can share this golden ticket with any of his friends and family members so that they can open their SadaPay account instantly. 

How to delete your SadaPay or NayaPay account? 

In order to delete or deactivate your SadaPay or NayaPay account you will need to contact the respective representatives. They might ask some questions to verify your identity before closing your account.

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    Insightful comparison! This article dives into Nayapay vs. Sadapay, offering a comprehensive analysis of these digital payment platforms. Great breakdown for choosing the right solution!

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