Posting from computer to Instagram | 2 Simple Methods Explained

This video explains two simple methods to post on Instagram using your Windows and Mac.

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Hey everybody. Today I will show you 2 simple methods by which you can post on Instagram from your computer. So, let's get started. Open your browser and go to Put in your details, and Log in to your instagram account. Once you are logged in, you would not find any option to post on instagram. Let's see our first method. Right click anywhere on this page and choose, inspect. You can also use the shortcut key Control plus Shift plus I. This tab will open up. It might be on the right side, on the bottom, or on the left side. But you can change it from here. On the top of this tab, you will find these two little icons. Click on this toggle device toolbar. Make sure that it should be blue. Then refresh the page. You can close this developer tab now. Below the page, you will find the option to post. Let's try it. Here are some filters. You can apply a filter if you want. Then click next. Here you can write about the post. And see here other settings. Then click share. And that's it. Here you can see it. Now, let's try our second method, which is quite easy. Copy this link from the description and paste it in the browser. This is a chrome extension. Click add extension. Again Click add extension. And wait for a few second till the extension is added. As you can see the extension has been added. Now, click this little fellow. Here is our extension. Click on this PIN icon. It will Pin this extension here on the top. Now, just click on this icon. And the instagram will open up. Here you can see, the post option is already there. But this extension has a little more advantage. It is that it gives a download button on every image and every video. You can download images and videos very easily. Every time you want to log in to your instagram account. Just go to the browser, Click this little fellow, and you are ready to go. Ok, guys, that's it for today. If you like it please hit the like button and subscribe to this channel. Thanks for watching, GOODBYE.
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